Friday, October 24, 2008

City Council by Bike

Yestersday evening my News Writing & Reporting class had to cover a Bellevue City Council Meeting. The meeting started promptly at 7p.m. with our anticipated arrival quarter past six. I was not only stoked at the idea of a field trip,but also the ride and route that would take me there. It went like this...
Downtown to 13th St. headed South on the pearl white Soulcraft, then hooked up with Bellevue Blvd. (which is spectacular by the way) The Blvd. is lined with brick for the first half which was quite a delight in the dark and steady rain conditions, I pounded up hills and raced cars like I was on the streets of Belgium dodging other fellows clad in multi-color spandex.It was especially great when I rolled up to the City Council Mtg. on Mission Ave. and "parked" a foot from the door while my classmates scoured Old Towne Bellevue for the closest availiable spot.
The meeting covered three topics- annexes,beautification of Bellevue building and design and the use of temporary signs. The meeting lasted over three hours and was a freaking riot. Can't wait to write my story! (sarcastic tone)
Would have much rather been hitting gravel in Iowa our racing a death-crit against autos on the B.B.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Aches and Cake

About a month ago I acquired a toothache that came and went as it pleased, it wasn't too much of bother at the time, I mean nothing some good Ol' whiskey couldn't fix.
Now I'm suddenly having sleepless night after sleepless night,bouncing round the bed in agony from this freakin toothache, if I take a sip of water it fills the gaping hole and pain ensues, Eating isn't fun anymore as I'm left chewing everything on the left side of my mouth like a squirrel packing acorns.
Having a little break from school I had time to visit the dentist in hopes to regain my sheep counting regimen and chewing food evenly in the left and right halves of my mouth.
After 15 minutes of my time an x-ray is taken, I'm then informed about a root canal complete with a crown that is needed to save tooth #4. Prescription of antibiotic and vicadine should make life interesting in the meantime.

As for tonight I'll be dodging thundershowers with bags beneath my eyes,hopping to and fro with sandwiches nestled against my back.
Just another night of delivery eh?
Last weekend was full of its own tales,(VA nurses telling me I'm nuts, cops giving props, and your run of the mill guy asking me why I don't use an automobile for delivery)
I'm sure folks won't disappoint tonight.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm listening LaCruz

The maiden voyage was just what the doctor ordered.