Saturday, May 24, 2008

A New Hope

Weeks roll by these days and i am powerless to try and stop the progression that is time.But yet what i do with my time has changed since the completion of another semester of school.The photo above- in NYC for the first time last summer working as a messenger, and boy do i hope it happens again.

Miles in the saddle have increased by the school curtains now closed, which gives me positive vibes going into the flint hills of Kansas next weekend. Look out Travis Brown and CChambers, there will be some new kids on the block to challenge the favorites.This race seems to be shaping up quite well; my head is clear,thoughts are positive and focused, the body follows in the example set forth by the mind as the days draw closer to Kanza.

Twas a good week though, much time spent reading all of your blogs, supporting the economy with my stimulus check and stuffing my face with baked goods.

I noticed a few things on this weeks commute that seemed to put things in perspective for me. There has been plenty of chatter about Omaha, and its efforts to make are streets bike friendly and pushes for commuting and so on...

But what i witnessed this week was more bikes have been out, which is great, but when i pass them by on the streets they are scared, their movements are dictated by the traffic around them , which is no way to ride. And 70 percent of the time these are the folks who crowd the sidwalks battling the cracks and curbs, all the while being invisible to cars. So if this is you I recommend giving the streets a try its not all that bad, yeah some people are assholes, but there are other people who give three feet when passing or will repect your descision to be a human powered machine by cheering or even yelling "Go Lance"repeatedly. Keep at it Omaha. I'm pullin for ya-

Other reasons for a good week in no apparent order:

-Justin in town from Jersey
-new threads
-hung with pup
-turned 24
-bought saddle waterbottle mount for Kanzaa (kudos to cornbread for the smashing idea)
-vinyls with a magical card enabling them to be downloaded for us non-luddites
-dinner with Liz and the folks at Dario's
-afternoon fliks at filmstreams
-your's truly in HTATBL (I'm thinking sponsorship)
-snappy cap on the way
- new coffeemaker at work
-people on bikes
-pay raise
-Lizzie Rex

Eager for tonight's shift delivering. rain. wind. crazy homeless folks and thugs who want my money, bring it on.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Always Something There To Remind Me

In continuing with the trend set forth by Stevil, and Mr. Savery- I give you the stache of the day-Baseball Legend Rod Beck.

My goodness, upon exiting the house on paper st this morning I was instantly reintroduced to my old friend 44 degrees, Wow did that feel great.Other things that are great include but are not limited to, fluorescent yellow bike jackets, seeing riders stumble about on their road cleats on linoleum floor,folks coasting down hills with no momentum only to realize moments later that a hill is anxiously awaiting them. front suspension,and last but not least bike rides with motorcycle escort.

Had a killer b-fast at Lisa's with Fortnight sans Greenewalsh, and dessert at Sweet Magnolia's to complete the morning.

Got a date with Iowa gravel, pain & suffering, dream killing/belly filling on 5-22

I'll leave you with sweet melodies that caress my inner eardrum nearly every day, the best freaking band in the land, (sorry Fortnight) give a listen if you haven't already.

Til next time

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Twelve Hr?

Does anyone out there know any info on the Lincoln 12 hr race?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Business as Usual

For those of you that don't know, I deliver sandwiches for JimmyJohns on my two-wheeled wonder.

It's a whole lotta fun, I especially love the comments I receive when delivering. The area I cover is 60th. to 29th from Hamilton to Center,it contains a lot of ups and downs. (hills)

Part of the fun is hearing folks respond when they recieve their sandies. One of my favorites is when people say, "oh they got you guys on bikes now,cool" I reassure them that no, we don't have a fleet of riders flocking the city, but just myself.

Yesterday I delivered to a woman who was shocked at how fast i got there, she said, "boy I bet you could kick down a brick house with those legs" I reply, "Oh you bet."

Last night as you can tell was more of the same, folks yelling with windows down, "Go ,Lance Go" as I pedaled up Dodge. Sorry folks i'm not Lance Armstrong. But its getting mildly annoying, anytime folks see a cyclist they do this; almost like they can't control themselves,people do the same when someone is running while blurting out,"Run Forrest Run."

In addition to sandwiches, folks can order sodas. When I started delivering this was a problem, but as time progressed and bike handling increased, I can now ride one handed and pretty much take it anywhere.

When I carry 3 or 4 drinks and i get there to give it to them, my forearms are just ready to burst, I hand them the drinks and ask if they got it, which they don't as they spill the drinks all over themselves. Sad but funny, that I can pedal usually up a hill one-handed to deliver it to them, and they can't even take them from my hand without dropping them.

But yesterday was a good time from 5 to midnight, I rode nearly 70 miles freaky -fast which i'll do again tonight, and get paid.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Boulevard 100

Rode with Lucas yesterday for a little urban century
good times were had.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

NoDo is all systems go

"Omaha bets on NoDo to extend downtown revival"
Heck yeah, that area has done wonders for our city. With Slowdown, and Film Streams.... I'm about to wet my pants in anticipation for blue line coffee to open down there as well. The Future looks bright Omaha!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Giving school a sock in the jaw

The end of school is near, having spent the entire day locked in a cell of writing,reading and rereading everything i wrote. I'm eager for miles in the saddle this weekend, thinking 29er trifecta ride x 3 or maybe a lincoln and back ride, who knows. I do know that laundry needs to happen i was out of socks today-

Good mornings start with coffee and oats
then a pedaling frenzy ensues:

pedal to school at noon.
pedal back home at three.
pedal to school at six.
give speech about bikes and how people should ride them.
see girlfriend.
pedal home.
yeah yeah!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

First Timer

This is it, blogging.
Well I enjoy pedaling, especially bikes with one gear.
Currently in school and struggling to focus on things not related to bicycles.
I'm starting this blog with hopes to unite with you other bike bloggers out there,
getting together for rides, supporting bikes as a form of transportation and just plain ol' shenanigans.