Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Always Something There To Remind Me

In continuing with the trend set forth by Stevil, and Mr. Savery- I give you the stache of the day-Baseball Legend Rod Beck.

My goodness, upon exiting the house on paper st this morning I was instantly reintroduced to my old friend 44 degrees, Wow did that feel great.Other things that are great include but are not limited to, fluorescent yellow bike jackets, seeing riders stumble about on their road cleats on linoleum floor,folks coasting down hills with no momentum only to realize moments later that a hill is anxiously awaiting them. front suspension,and last but not least bike rides with motorcycle escort.

Had a killer b-fast at Lisa's with Fortnight sans Greenewalsh, and dessert at Sweet Magnolia's to complete the morning.

Got a date with Iowa gravel, pain & suffering, dream killing/belly filling on 5-22

I'll leave you with sweet melodies that caress my inner eardrum nearly every day, the best freaking band in the land, (sorry Fortnight) give a listen if you haven't already.

Til next time

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