Saturday, May 24, 2008

A New Hope

Weeks roll by these days and i am powerless to try and stop the progression that is time.But yet what i do with my time has changed since the completion of another semester of school.The photo above- in NYC for the first time last summer working as a messenger, and boy do i hope it happens again.

Miles in the saddle have increased by the school curtains now closed, which gives me positive vibes going into the flint hills of Kansas next weekend. Look out Travis Brown and CChambers, there will be some new kids on the block to challenge the favorites.This race seems to be shaping up quite well; my head is clear,thoughts are positive and focused, the body follows in the example set forth by the mind as the days draw closer to Kanza.

Twas a good week though, much time spent reading all of your blogs, supporting the economy with my stimulus check and stuffing my face with baked goods.

I noticed a few things on this weeks commute that seemed to put things in perspective for me. There has been plenty of chatter about Omaha, and its efforts to make are streets bike friendly and pushes for commuting and so on...

But what i witnessed this week was more bikes have been out, which is great, but when i pass them by on the streets they are scared, their movements are dictated by the traffic around them , which is no way to ride. And 70 percent of the time these are the folks who crowd the sidwalks battling the cracks and curbs, all the while being invisible to cars. So if this is you I recommend giving the streets a try its not all that bad, yeah some people are assholes, but there are other people who give three feet when passing or will repect your descision to be a human powered machine by cheering or even yelling "Go Lance"repeatedly. Keep at it Omaha. I'm pullin for ya-

Other reasons for a good week in no apparent order:

-Justin in town from Jersey
-new threads
-hung with pup
-turned 24
-bought saddle waterbottle mount for Kanzaa (kudos to cornbread for the smashing idea)
-vinyls with a magical card enabling them to be downloaded for us non-luddites
-dinner with Liz and the folks at Dario's
-afternoon fliks at filmstreams
-your's truly in HTATBL (I'm thinking sponsorship)
-snappy cap on the way
- new coffeemaker at work
-people on bikes
-pay raise
-Lizzie Rex

Eager for tonight's shift delivering. rain. wind. crazy homeless folks and thugs who want my money, bring it on.


MG said...

A belated Happy Birthday to you, Eric!


EXPO Racing said...

'Jimmy Johns employee of the month'

I love it!

Summer is here...Keep Press'n On