Monday, June 2, 2008

What the Crap?

Feeling terrible most of last week prompted my descision to cancel the Kanza. It was not easy to let go of, I'd been looking forward to and training for it quite a while. But hey, there will be more.

Congrats to the Lincoln crew, for another dominating performance. Much respect goes to MG, Corey, and Skip.You guys are the real deal. And Mr. Chambers the overall winner, is a machine.

I still craved to get out on the bike,wanting to erase the bad taste from kanza, and decided to deliver. It was a good time, with everyone believing I was pedaling due to the gas prices.It all went according to form, except for a crank busting in half and smacking my ankle.


JPF said...

pedal hard. don't let those robbers get your money or your sandwiches.

Endurosnob said...

next time man.

MG said...

Dude... That's insane. I've never seen an Ultegra crank shear off like that. I've seen lesser cranks break like that, but never an Ultegra. Wow. You're a HAMMER!

Thanks for the kind words, my friend. We missed ya' at the Kanza. I'm glad to hear you're feelin' better though. Let's hook up for a ride soon.