Friday, June 6, 2008

Blame it on the Rain

I don't know about the rest of you out there, but I for one am just loving this wet-n-windy weather.
No more humid sweat fest, instead the precipitation is cool and calming.It slows life down and gives things new perspective.

Picked up a delivery shift last night, it seems whenever the weather is at its foulest folks want their Jimmy Johns pretty bad.For the first three hours the phones didn't stop,neither did I as i continually swept in and out of the shop with bags of sandies on my back.
Favorite responses of the evening include...
"Wow, did you run here" As I am standing in front of them in a helmet with my Steamroller to the right. "
Oh thats smart, driving a bike instead of the car tonight, save on gas" I reply, "Nope I pedal a bicycle, I don't drive it"

Greeting from a man with a business polo on his enclosed porch, who laughs as if its a joke that his sandwich was delivered by bike, he said,"Thats cool little fella"

Delivered to a salon next to the Dundee theater, I walk in the doors to stares, comments whispered between scissors clipping as i slosh in my soaked Sidi's leaving puddles with each step. The tattooed woman I delivered to was pretty stoked to get her sandwich delivered in the most environmentally friendly way possible though.

All in all, the night had everything I desired. A strenuous battle with the elements, a slight skirmish with a blue volvo, and a Celtics victory at the end of it all.


JPF said...

E-brake, how much for delivery to jersey? Can I get it within thirty minutes or its free? I want it delivered the most environmentally responsible way--preferably a surly.

EB said...

pay by the mile, so hope Jersey has been treating ya well.

Endurosnob said...

"Little fella?" That would have bent me a little. Love the snippets of your night though.

Go Celts. KG needs to keep putting em up.