Friday, March 19, 2010

Dear Member of the Omaha Metro Active Transportation Community

We just posted this over at the Omaha Bikes blog.  You may want to take a look if it interests you:

Many of you have noticed that almost no new trails have been opened on the Nebraska side of the metro area for a long time. Many major trail projects are designed and fully funded, including the West Douglas County Trail from Waterloo to Valley, a major part of the Riverfront Trail, the western end of the East-West Trail that will connect the Keystone and Field Club Trails, and Papillion’s 72nd Street Trail. These are very important projects for our active transportation community and would also create millions of dollars of new construction activity. Yet nothing seems to be happening. Why?

Anyone looking for a 26" hardtail?

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My giant XTC is looking for a new home. The details are here. It's listed at $400 but I'll let it go for $360 if you ask nice.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Busy week at Omaha Bikes

If you haven't stopped by the Omaha Bikes blog or the OmahaBikes twitter lately, you may want to pay a quick visit. Several of the Activate Omaha and Omaha Bikes team are in DC this week at the National Bike Summit. Omaha has received several awards and mentions during the summit. Omaha was even mentioned on the BikePortland blog...sweet. Julie and Matt have also been reporting in from the summit via the blog and they plan to post a bunch more stuff in the coming days.

Good times!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Omaha Sprints was a success!

Check out some of the photos HERE.

And top results posted HERE.

Thanks to all who showed up and who participated.  Keep an eye out for more in the future.