Friday, March 19, 2010

Anyone looking for a 26" hardtail?

~Begin shameless plug~
My giant XTC is looking for a new home. The details are here. It's listed at $400 but I'll let it go for $360 if you ask nice.

~End shameless plug~


Biker Bob said...

You can email me at underdahill AT gmail DOT com if you interested.

If it doesn't sell reasonably soon, I'll part it out.

johnny said...
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tornado said...
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Omaha Bikes said...

Yeah... Just having some wheels on it so that it was a complete SS would be helpful. Unfortunately, I had a buyer for the bike but not the wheels. So I sold the wheels assuming the bike was already sold. But the buyer of the bike backed out AFTER I had sold the wheels/tires. So now I'm stuck with an incomplete bike.

Even buying parts used to make this bike complete would not help much. I doubt I'd get more than $500 out of a complete bike after investing another $379 to get it complete (I have none of the old stock parts).

If I can't sell it as is, I'll just have to take it apart and sell the bits and maybe put the frame on ebay.