Friday, March 19, 2010

Dear Member of the Omaha Metro Active Transportation Community

We just posted this over at the Omaha Bikes blog.  You may want to take a look if it interests you:

Many of you have noticed that almost no new trails have been opened on the Nebraska side of the metro area for a long time. Many major trail projects are designed and fully funded, including the West Douglas County Trail from Waterloo to Valley, a major part of the Riverfront Trail, the western end of the East-West Trail that will connect the Keystone and Field Club Trails, and Papillion’s 72nd Street Trail. These are very important projects for our active transportation community and would also create millions of dollars of new construction activity. Yet nothing seems to be happening. Why?


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Bemis Press said...

I contacted Activate Omaha last week, here was the response:

Christopher -

Thanks for your inquiry. We are still hopeful that the 20 miles of on-street bicycle facilities will be completed by fall of this year. We did receive grant monies from local foundations to implement this work. Activate Omaha is working in partnership with the city to make this happen. There have been some speed bumps but we feel confident that we can have all the paint and signage in place throughout the summer and complete by fall.

Thanks again!
Activate Omaha