Friday, April 24, 2009

Easy Friday

Didi "El Diablo" Senft's World Record Holding Bicycle

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bicyclist Injured In Baseball-Bat Attack

Steven Wurtele Says Attacker Jumped Out Of Passing Car

Police are looking for the person who severely injured a bicyclist with a baseball bat.

Steven Wurtele Jr., 20, said he was riding his bike near 48th and Q streets on Friday when someone jumped out of the window of a passing car and hit him in the face with the bat.

The impact fractured Wurtele's sinus cavity, he said. He also had to get stitches over his eye.

Police did not release a description of the person they're looking for in connection with the attack.

To the suspects that most likely will not be caught: I hope nothing bad happens to you because of your beyond foolish actions. I, instead, hope that someone near and dear suffers in the way you made a complete stranger suffer. You will get yours no matter what, but I hope you have to live with someone else suffering in your life first you spineless imp. I mean seriously?

Yet another reason to get a gun holster on my bike.

- Out numbered, Out Reasoned, and Pedaling Onward into the shaky unknown metro.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A different plan

I saw this web site about a year ago and now that I'm back to biking again for some reason I thought of it again. I like to think about how we could do even more of what he is talking about if we got more people on bikes!


Hey, EB, the last time we talked you mentioned something about some hard top polo? Anything happenin' sunday?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easy Friday

Picture credit: The Daily Telegraph

Thursday, April 16, 2009

We Are Not Alone

In reference to:

And the effort to have the Clean energy bill to clean up transportation systems. I would like to point out the European model is walk a mile, bike 5 miles, use mass transit for corridor travel and the car for everything else. This is a wonderful model and should be promoted here in the States. I will strongly assert that it is promoting cycling that can help wean people off of over use of cars, it is connecting with cycling that can help turn a barely usable mass transit system into one that functions better and it is cyclist that help make the roads more people friendly and encourage people to get out and walk.

I will strongly assert that promoting cycling will yield the most bank for the buck in helping promote mass transit and more walking, without this critical ingredient, recipes for better communities and better transportation would be like cooking without salt, just because its a small amount does not mean it is unnecessary.

Cycling Advocate
. . o
. ./L

- Global warming, increasing obesity rates, traffic congestion, dependence on foreign oil, leading causes of premature death and the economy... if only there was a common solution.

"The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." - Albert Einstein.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Good Food Takes Time,Delivery Does Not.

A friend of mine passed along an article about inter-library loan bicycle delivery in Ames Iowa. My heart pounded against my chest, and nearly popped outta my Swobo merino wool baselayer. 

All I gotta say is bicycle delivery is coming to Omaha in a BIG way.

Pedal the Pavement. June 2009... 

Monday, April 13, 2009

Trails and Brews

If you or anyone is interested, T.H.O.R. is having a trail day at Manawa tomorrow(4/14/09) evening 6pm-dark. All help is welcomed, for more info check it over here. If you can't make it to the trail day but would like to hangout afterwords please do meet me at Dario's for tasty libation, *pedal plans for the future can be addressed.*

Lastly if you don't have any plans for the weekend consider Crank and Camp , Biker Bob is super nice dude get a hold of him via the link for the event. As for me I will meet up with the peps and pedal for a bit, last minute family function has taken up my Saturday night no camp for me

Thursday, April 9, 2009

PCL Dirty Saturday & Some Silly Words

This Saturday $$$PIRATECYCLINGLEAGUE$$$ Tour Of Dirt Roads in beautiful Lincoln Nebraska.

The second annual PCL Tour of Dirt Roads is almost upon us! Saturday April 11th at 9 AM the PCL Tour of Dirt Roads will begin from D Street (15th and D Street) in Lincoln and head southwest of town to find as many dirt roads as possible. We'll head out the Jamaica Trail and hit some gravel on our way out of town before hitting the beautiful dirt. The route has been mapped out and will hit:
  • approximately 22 dirt roads!
  • 7 rural cemeteries along the route
  • 8 rural lakes
  • Cortland, Nebraska
The ride will be approximately 50 to 70 miles. This is a no drop ride, but please come prepared and know your way back to town if you fall too far off the back (get dropped! HA!) or get lost. For those of you who want to go a little faster there will be a fast group which will ride the course at a brisker pace. If you wanna get a good workout on Saturday, join the fast group which will be lead by highly caffeinated masochistic PCL crew members.

The current plan is to stop into Cortland for lunch around noon or 1 PM. Unfortunately, Leanne's Restaurant will not be open for business (still remodeling), but we can get snacks at the convenience store and there will be a special beverage surprise waiting for us in Cortland.

We'll wrap up the ride after lunch with a few more dirt roads before heading back to Lincoln for a white elephant prize drawing. Remember to bring a white elephant prize for the PCL Prize Vault to drop off before we leave on the ride. The white elephant prize can be anything and doesn't need to be bike related. Previous prizes include: 3 bars of Caress soap, various calibers of firearm bore snakes, a bottle of Crown Royale, a Q-tip CD, books, and the infamous Larry the Cable Guy DVD. Just please keep the white elephant prize rated PG.

If the dirt roads are wet, the event will be postponed! We are crossing our fingers and hoping for dry weather.
-From Mr.Cornbread-

Anyone In?

Read It & Weep or just read it and go eat a half gallon of Mint Chip Ice Cream then pedal till ya puke.

Monday, April 6, 2009

R.I.P. Myles Davis, Jr., Lincoln Bike Commuter

Here is some sad news from the Lincoln cycling community:

Myles Davis Jr. was riding his bike Monday morning when he collided with a car at 23rd and Q streets.

Davis, 46, was taken to BryanLGH Medical Center West, where he was pronounced dead.
From the Lincoln Journal-Star.

This is also being reported on

Both sites allow user comments.

Be careful out there, people, whether you're cycling or motoring.

Pedal Ponderings

Commuting and pedaling this past week has its fair share of trials, most notably three flats in four days. Where twice I found myself without a tube and  having to throw the steed on the shoulder and get my cross training on. The flats all have their reason for happening; the first was inadvertently running over some glass while heading downtown,the second came by way of a pothole from hell  traveling out west in the darkness, and the third happened because of a sidewall tear in the Schwalbe Marathon CX tires. 

The other issue that has been plaguing me is forget fullness. The worst is at the home front where nearly all of my belongings are on the second floor with a wooden staircase in between. Nearly every day I hop downstairs believing I have everything I need for the day,then I reach in my pocket and find that I am gloveless for the a.m. commute.  I sprint upstairs grab the finger protection of choice from the red milk crate & proceed back down the stairs. Another footnote here is the fact that most of the time I'm hustling back and forth in the Sidi's, making a tap dance for the room ate who  is  still enjoying his dreams. When back downstairs I realize, Oh yeah I was going to run today. And do the same routine always in a rush looking for shorts,socks and shoes to make the run a reality. 

I typically will repeat this song and dance at least once a day, forgetting everything from keys,power chords,caps, folders,books,telephone & tubes.

Here's to a new week on the saddle, with three tubes in tow.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Trainer for sale

Hey guys I'm looking to sell my Cycleops Wind trainer. If anyone is looking or knows someone who is looking let me know.

Friday, April 3, 2009

YP Bus Challenge

Who wants to make a Pedal Omaha Team?

We could practice taking the MAT with bikes in Tow.

Brady and ReddShift are Pros by now, lets all try to emulate them.

 The Challenge Starts April 18th (Earth Day), and Runs for Three Weeks.  

Info Here.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Get Your Dirt Or Pavement On!

No snow or rain can only mean one thing... Dirt time..@ Swanson. Who wants some? Meet around 6 pm. Roll out 6:10pm.

If Pavement gives you pedaling pleasure, meet at the Trek store by 6 p.m.
For a loop North of town...It'll be a jolly good time.

As well as some light reading: Early Usage of the Kerrey Bridge: Some Empirical Findings and Thoughts on the Future