Thursday, April 9, 2009

PCL Dirty Saturday & Some Silly Words

This Saturday $$$PIRATECYCLINGLEAGUE$$$ Tour Of Dirt Roads in beautiful Lincoln Nebraska.

The second annual PCL Tour of Dirt Roads is almost upon us! Saturday April 11th at 9 AM the PCL Tour of Dirt Roads will begin from D Street (15th and D Street) in Lincoln and head southwest of town to find as many dirt roads as possible. We'll head out the Jamaica Trail and hit some gravel on our way out of town before hitting the beautiful dirt. The route has been mapped out and will hit:
  • approximately 22 dirt roads!
  • 7 rural cemeteries along the route
  • 8 rural lakes
  • Cortland, Nebraska
The ride will be approximately 50 to 70 miles. This is a no drop ride, but please come prepared and know your way back to town if you fall too far off the back (get dropped! HA!) or get lost. For those of you who want to go a little faster there will be a fast group which will ride the course at a brisker pace. If you wanna get a good workout on Saturday, join the fast group which will be lead by highly caffeinated masochistic PCL crew members.

The current plan is to stop into Cortland for lunch around noon or 1 PM. Unfortunately, Leanne's Restaurant will not be open for business (still remodeling), but we can get snacks at the convenience store and there will be a special beverage surprise waiting for us in Cortland.

We'll wrap up the ride after lunch with a few more dirt roads before heading back to Lincoln for a white elephant prize drawing. Remember to bring a white elephant prize for the PCL Prize Vault to drop off before we leave on the ride. The white elephant prize can be anything and doesn't need to be bike related. Previous prizes include: 3 bars of Caress soap, various calibers of firearm bore snakes, a bottle of Crown Royale, a Q-tip CD, books, and the infamous Larry the Cable Guy DVD. Just please keep the white elephant prize rated PG.

If the dirt roads are wet, the event will be postponed! We are crossing our fingers and hoping for dry weather.
-From Mr.Cornbread-

Anyone In?

Read It & Weep or just read it and go eat a half gallon of Mint Chip Ice Cream then pedal till ya puke.

1 comment:

The Lucas said...

Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream is good.... if you do eat that much in a hurry, you might have a heart attack.

or... if you do puke, and it's relatively quickly after eating it, your puke would be cold. That might be neat. It will be less neat if you have eaten spicy food or anything you didn't chew well. Like pears.

I once had pears come out of my nose after a 3200 race at a track meet. I don't even thing I PR'd.

I still like pears.

Enjoy the dirt, and I will enjoy the smell of bike store.