Friday, April 3, 2009

YP Bus Challenge

Who wants to make a Pedal Omaha Team?

We could practice taking the MAT with bikes in Tow.

Brady and ReddShift are Pros by now, lets all try to emulate them.

 The Challenge Starts April 18th (Earth Day), and Runs for Three Weeks.  

Info Here.


brady said...

EB: Sign me up for your team. Me and Ol' Yeller are good for two bus rides daily throughout the workweek of the YP challenge.

In fact, I'm taking a sheet from Redd's plan: take a different bus after work each day and [swim,bike,run] home from some random point of the greater Omaha metro.

EB said...

Brady: Sweet, Looks like our team is You.Me.Bob.Scott & Lucas.

Scott Redd said...

I stacked my team with daily riders at my downtown place of employ. I think most are suburbanites who ride the expresses into town. My guess is that the winning team will surpass typical suburban commuter trips by using the bus on the weekends, and for errand running during the week.

I normally only ride once a week; a day that I need to get home to pick up my daughter and take her to a drama class. That way, I still get to cycle in and avoid driving during the rush hours.

During the contest period, I think I might buy a 30-day unlimited ride pass. I'm considering having some fun by riding by bike to a bus stop, and then hitching a ride.

I'll write something later about some crazy ways to combine bike and bus trips during the contest period.

EB said...

Scott: I Like It, I Like It A Lot

brady said...

Which Bob, which Scott?