Monday, April 6, 2009

Pedal Ponderings

Commuting and pedaling this past week has its fair share of trials, most notably three flats in four days. Where twice I found myself without a tube and  having to throw the steed on the shoulder and get my cross training on. The flats all have their reason for happening; the first was inadvertently running over some glass while heading downtown,the second came by way of a pothole from hell  traveling out west in the darkness, and the third happened because of a sidewall tear in the Schwalbe Marathon CX tires. 

The other issue that has been plaguing me is forget fullness. The worst is at the home front where nearly all of my belongings are on the second floor with a wooden staircase in between. Nearly every day I hop downstairs believing I have everything I need for the day,then I reach in my pocket and find that I am gloveless for the a.m. commute.  I sprint upstairs grab the finger protection of choice from the red milk crate & proceed back down the stairs. Another footnote here is the fact that most of the time I'm hustling back and forth in the Sidi's, making a tap dance for the room ate who  is  still enjoying his dreams. When back downstairs I realize, Oh yeah I was going to run today. And do the same routine always in a rush looking for shorts,socks and shoes to make the run a reality. 

I typically will repeat this song and dance at least once a day, forgetting everything from keys,power chords,caps, folders,books,telephone & tubes.

Here's to a new week on the saddle, with three tubes in tow.



brady said...

Sorry to hear about the mishaps.

As for the forgetfulness, it's worse in the winter b/c of all the layering and such, but it can happen any time. I nearly made it to work one warm day before realizing that my helmet was still hanging on the hook back home. Another area tha -- Crap! I don't remember if I locked the door after leaving this morning!!

Hold that thought, I'll be right back

2sean9er said...

Sucks about the flats.

I find when I am having trouble with the brain retention, before I go to bed, I make a list of the things that I need for the following day and leave the list some where that I will totally see it. Bathroom, kitchen, on the bike, next to my bag.... It usually helps.