Monday, April 20, 2009

Bicyclist Injured In Baseball-Bat Attack

Steven Wurtele Says Attacker Jumped Out Of Passing Car

Police are looking for the person who severely injured a bicyclist with a baseball bat.

Steven Wurtele Jr., 20, said he was riding his bike near 48th and Q streets on Friday when someone jumped out of the window of a passing car and hit him in the face with the bat.

The impact fractured Wurtele's sinus cavity, he said. He also had to get stitches over his eye.

Police did not release a description of the person they're looking for in connection with the attack.

To the suspects that most likely will not be caught: I hope nothing bad happens to you because of your beyond foolish actions. I, instead, hope that someone near and dear suffers in the way you made a complete stranger suffer. You will get yours no matter what, but I hope you have to live with someone else suffering in your life first you spineless imp. I mean seriously?

Yet another reason to get a gun holster on my bike.

- Out numbered, Out Reasoned, and Pedaling Onward into the shaky unknown metro.


Biker Bob said...

I hope they are caught and brought to justice as apposed to an innocent friend of theirs suffering in the same way. But I get what your saying.

I also hope they are caught so that they can be forced to pay for the expenses that the victim will likely have over the next few years.

Scott Redd said...

One thing I always wonder about in these cases was whether or not the attacker knew the victim, versus an attack on an a random person.

We'll have to pay attention to the news for the next few days to find out.

Not that it's ever cool to whack someone in the face with a baseball bat...

The Lucas said...

You're right Scott, there's a really good possibility there is more to the story than we are hearing.

Skinny D said...

I think that it was not an attack on cycling but rather an attack of a personal level, coincidentally, he was on a bike. Having fractured my own sinus once, I hope he does well in his recovery.

erik said...

I wish for less suffering on the part of all humans.

Condolences to the victim, family, and friends. Hopefully the attacker will be found.