Sunday, May 18, 2008

Business as Usual

For those of you that don't know, I deliver sandwiches for JimmyJohns on my two-wheeled wonder.

It's a whole lotta fun, I especially love the comments I receive when delivering. The area I cover is 60th. to 29th from Hamilton to Center,it contains a lot of ups and downs. (hills)

Part of the fun is hearing folks respond when they recieve their sandies. One of my favorites is when people say, "oh they got you guys on bikes now,cool" I reassure them that no, we don't have a fleet of riders flocking the city, but just myself.

Yesterday I delivered to a woman who was shocked at how fast i got there, she said, "boy I bet you could kick down a brick house with those legs" I reply, "Oh you bet."

Last night as you can tell was more of the same, folks yelling with windows down, "Go ,Lance Go" as I pedaled up Dodge. Sorry folks i'm not Lance Armstrong. But its getting mildly annoying, anytime folks see a cyclist they do this; almost like they can't control themselves,people do the same when someone is running while blurting out,"Run Forrest Run."

In addition to sandwiches, folks can order sodas. When I started delivering this was a problem, but as time progressed and bike handling increased, I can now ride one handed and pretty much take it anywhere.

When I carry 3 or 4 drinks and i get there to give it to them, my forearms are just ready to burst, I hand them the drinks and ask if they got it, which they don't as they spill the drinks all over themselves. Sad but funny, that I can pedal usually up a hill one-handed to deliver it to them, and they can't even take them from my hand without dropping them.

But yesterday was a good time from 5 to midnight, I rode nearly 70 miles freaky -fast which i'll do again tonight, and get paid.


EXPO Racing said...

That is awesome.

I want a no-handed ride next time - sodas in one hand and a camera in the other. No wait, Helmet cam!!!

I wanna see their faces when you kock on their door.

70 work miles!

EB said...
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