Sunday, February 14, 2010

Omaha Goldsprints

I saw this posted on the Nebraska Adventure Group website....

The Bike Way will be hosting it's version of roller races using the CompuTrainer 3D program, February 27th, registration @ 5pm. Go @ 6:00 pm.

The Low-down:

-Random pairings
-Best two out of three races - one minute rest between
-Double Elimination
-Will have Women's category
-Prizes for top finishers
-Spectators welcome

And best of all this event is FREE. We will have to limit the field at some point so please call in and/or show up early to get registered. So come on out and lay your claim to braggin' rights in Omaha.

We will also have an informal after party at the Liar's Club near by.

15115 Industrial Rd
Omaha, NE 68144
Sat 5:00 PM


The Douglas said...

My knees ache with anticipation.

EB said...

I'll smoke you ol timer ;)

The Douglas said...

Bring it EB. Just to make it fair I'll pedal backwards while balancing a beer on my head. Perhaps then you'll have a chance.

Sean said...

I think for you guys I might make an exception to the random pairings rule. :-P

EB said...

The beatdown that's due for Douglas will have to wait.I'll be in Minneapolis this weekend.

The Douglas said...

I could talk smack about this "alleged" trip to Minneapolis, but I won't.

Sean said...

What you doin up there?