Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tour of Dirt Roads 4.18.2010

Tour of Dirt Roads III

The first 75 folks will receive a limited edition PCL ToDR III magnet (ToDR II magnet pictured above)

Date: Sunday April 18th
Start time: 8 AM
Start location: Meadowlark Coffee

The ride will leave at 8 AM sharp. Please try to arrive by 7:45. If you want coffee I suggest 7:30 AM.

The route was pre-rode today and it is currently in flux. We will post the route soon.

This is a ride, not a race, but expect some folks to ride fast'

Lets bring a crew from Omaha

Perhaps pedal there Saturday. Hang. YiaYia's.Crash @ D st.

Or drive early Sunday morning

Whaddya think boys?

-All of the above words were issued by the moist -n-tasty Cornbread and lifted directly from the PCL.


Sean said...

I'll be on my way to Bone Bender. Sounds like fun.

EB said...

Right On, I still really want to do that. But also know that T.I. is a 320 mile race.

The Douglas said...

I'm out. Bone Bender.