Thursday, October 14, 2010

No Bacon. What About Burritos? 60 Miles to Shenandoah

Bacon Rides may be done for 2010, but what about a ride out to Shenandoah, Iowa for Mexican fare and Coronas?

My bike riding brother, who went from 300 pounds to 175 in only 10 months (no joke) by riding bikes, will be in town next week, and I want to show him a good time. I'm planning a Sunday ride out to Shenandoah and back. Of course, you're invited!

With the crisp morning air, autumn leaves, and warm afternoons, this is an awesome time of year for long rides down the Wabash.

Please see this link for more details.

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Jason said...

As Scott's "bike riding brother", I'm hoping a big group will come out and ride with us. This will be my third century (and then some) of the year. Plus, as a former 300-pounder, I'm really looking forward to some good Mexican food that I can guiltlessly enjoy after a 120-mile calorie burn.