Sunday, July 6, 2008


Due to the fact that workers either quit or get fired each and every week,I had another solo Saturday night.Filled with losers telling me again and again something about a sidewalk and how i should be on it... never! Just as their were suspects and fools yelling nonsense from their gas-guzzling machines, But things like a suttle head nod when you least expect it,can make your night instantly better.
I was pedaling east on Dodge when a red vehicle runs along side you to a woman letting me know,"Your'e going 40 miles an hour" I replied, "Right On, with a smile".
On another delivery,I was walking the steps up to 3557 Davenport, when the neighbor realized I was with Jimmy Johns, he kind of went nuts- Saying,"Holy Cow, you guys are on bikes, Oh man thats great, get to work out, and Don't need to fill the tank now do ya son" He continued sputtering off like this the entire time, It surprised me quite a bit, I'll think of him as my number one fan.

Til next time...

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