Monday, September 15, 2008

Cross Steed

Changes to be implemented-
*White Industries Crank (Black 42 tooth)
*Salsa Bell Lap Bar
*Record Levers
*Salsa S.U.L. stem
*New Wheelset of some sort, Any Suggestions?

A formal warning to all Cross SingleSpeeders, I'm coming for ya.


Biker Bob said...

Hmm... Cross Single Speed... Maybe, just maybe.

Have fun on the Century? I noticed you headed South out of Ft. Calhoun(sp). I did the same after eating some food at the station and warming up. The tailwind on the way home was nice.

EB said...

Yeah I bolted early
Did homework
ate my face off
then delivered

But the ride was a goodtime
always a pleasure to ride w/ fast folk

brady said...

EB - That's very nice. Have you competed single speed cyclocross before?

I must admit that I'm envious and am hoping that you might leave it unlocked at UP one the way, what size is it and what type of cleats will I need?

EB said...

Never done any Cross,It looks fun as hell.
I'll leave it unlocked while lurking around the corner watching and waiting for the likes of your kind.

brady said...

I think Cross is going to fit you well. When's your first race?

Endurosnob said...

Nice looking ride.

munsoned said...

Awe man! that's a 15 mm crank bolted onto the seat tube waterbottle bosses, isn't it? Fricken awesome. So if you get a flat, you don't have to lug around a spare wrench in your seat pack. NICE!

If there is a single speed category, I might give it a go. But we'll see. My guess is you won't have much problem getting around me since i seem to go around corners really bad.

EB said...

Brady: I'm for sure racing the 4th and 5th in Omaha, and still planning the rest.It will most likely boil down to who can give me rides to races out of state.bqsiy

bryan said...

mike -- behold the power of Felt. All of their SS bikes have that.

MG said...

jeez eb, i bet you're gonna' be a natural 'cross racer... and that felt will be a great ss 'cross racing bike. stiff, efficient -- when combined with your big powerful legs, it'll be a deadly combo for those racing against you.

luckily i race with gears...

... but they'll be fun races to watch.