Friday, September 5, 2008

Sitting One Out

The State Championship road race will take place tomorrow,without me. September sixth was a date I had circled on the calendar since the woes of the poor result at the Omaha Cycling Weekend. I was motivated after that, waking up in those early morning hours and riding that bike of mine with gears. Trying to do all the necessary things in my life like.... eating right, stretching,rides with fast guys,personal time,rides in little chainring, hill repeats,keeping a journal of rides and long rides that make legs all jell-o like... in hopes that the race would be one to remember.

Then life suddenly comes at ya fast, school is in full swing with deadlines to meet and people to please. I feel as if I'm behind in so many things, and it's not a great feeling. So mentally I'm just not were I need to be. I need a simple weekend to myself were I get back to the basics. Basics of delivering sandwiches to the good people of midtown Omaha perhaps. Which has the habit of putting a smile on my face.

Have a killer race tomorrow and Don't fret fellow road racers, I'll be back.


bryan said...

what? who am I supposed to chase now?

munsoned said...

No worries Eric. If you get schedules worked out, you could carry your fitness over to Cross and Cranksgiving.

MG said...

I hear ya' brother... That happened to me too. Sorry I missed ya' at Dixie Quick yesterday too. Was working and the writers needed to leave to not be to their next appointment.

We'll catch up soon. I'll try to give you a call later this week. I have a press event in Elkhorn tomorrow/tuesday afternoon, so maybe I'll call you when that gets over?

Good to see you yesterday though... It's always nice to see a familiar face when I'm on work stuff like that.