Thursday, June 11, 2009

FSBO: Bianchi S.I.S.S

My good buddy Chris is selling his Bianchi single speed.

The Low Down: Cars'R'Coffins Edition. Rigid steel, 19.5". Avid BB5s Mechs. Dark. Mean. Solid. Titec H-Bars, Stem, & Seat. WTB saddle. WTB Single Speed Disc Wheels. Truvativ Cranks. I believe it's set 32x16 for total destruction.

The Hype: This thing is a dang tank. It's a fun bike to ride, and would beat Mother Nature at horseshoes when things get cold. It's not flashy, but it could probably shoot sabot rounds. If you are looking for a solid whip for fun smash and go pedaling, or a trusty ice steed, this is your way to go. Low maintenance, easy customizability.

Mechanic owned and operated. $400. Post your interests or question.


The Douglas said...

Interested....but priced too far out of my league. I'm still waiting for my stimulus check from Obama. If the owner gets desperate, hit me up.

The Douglas said...

Luc: I should add that if the owner wants to contact me dierctly he can do so at the following address.... cyclekraft at gmail dot com.