Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More bits from Madison

New Fisher Lane CX/Commuter, sliding rear dropouts, budget price.

Triton gets new paint, the photo doesn't do the color justice

New Grity City, super raw, bmx parts, lock it to a pole when you're too drunk to ride home.

New paint for the T1, I think this bike is actually sold with brakes so you can use it on the street, not just the velodrome.
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erik said...

more bits from china or taiwan, as these clearly aren't the oclv racing plastic crabon bikes they sell to lance wannabes.

let's not misrepresent the country of origin.

Anonymous said...

Where do you draw the line Erik? Is it okay to use Taiwan parts but not a frame? You seem to like Tektro parts just fine.

You say buy local but then you put up a bunch of links for online buying?

You're just another arrogant hippocrit that belongs in Berkley. But I'm sure you'll move back to Omaha after all the hard working folks at Activate Omaha have supplied you with a good environment to ride in.

Good Riddance.

Steve said...

Please don't bash Berkeley with all this. It is a fine place with mostly good people.

erik said...

i like lots of taiwanese frames, especially when they're labeled as such.

erik said...

it's funny that i've been ripped on for moving to berkeley so my partner could go to school, no less than 3 times in the course of my objection to marketing spam on this site.

not wanting to see corporate interests overtake this site does not say anything about anything other than my desire to see more local business everywhere.

oneeye said...

hey erik just wondering what's your input on the difference between a sweat shop in china and a american factory that pays most employees maybe $10 or less considering you probally have never had a job that required any labor there is no differance then a 15yr old kid making bike parts in china, then you hiring some latinos to do your yard work or roof your house it's o.k for us americans to hire latinos to do shit we don't want to do because were to lazy then a poor china kid to make some sweet parts for our bikes to ride for pleasure