Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Bacon More gravel

Update, for those of you who want to ride a 100 here's what I was thinking please let me know if you are interested and comment on route
We will be riding out to Platte for some bacon on Sunday morning. The meeting place will be Wohlner's parking lot, Meet around 6:00 am leave 6:10 am. Here's the route . Will meet up with Lincoln peps and eat some bacon.
Anyone is welcomed the weather looks perfect we should be back noonish.
I know some people would like to ride more than 70 miles on Sunday. If that is the case please comment and I will find another 30 miles for us to ride. Couple of other things:
  • Do you have to have cross bike? (No you can ride your road bike it will not be that pleasant)
  • What if I don't live in Midtown ( You can meet us at Springfield that gives you several options of getting back home leave a comment if you have any questions)
  • What if I don't want to ride more than 70 miles (Here is the cue sheet for the original route)
  • Can I just go and ride MTB @platte (sure just meet us at the tower around 8:30ish or not that's cool too)
In case you didn't know the GLGA is 2 weeks away I'm driving there day of in morning with JP . If you need ride let me know we can coordinate something


munsoned said...

I will most likely be there. Is gone be fun!

Scott Redd said...

Thanks for putting this together, Rafal.

I'd add to your fine list of Qs&As:

Q: Do I have to eat bacon?
A: No, vegetarians are welcome, but it's not wise to taunt them.

I'd like to tack on an extra 30 and do my first century. Whee! If nothing else, I'll just cruise the Keystone until the meter turns 100. That may add on an hour or two, but it'd be great if anyone wants to join me.

RF said...

are you going to get to Platte and do a few offroad laps, or just riding for breakfast? that affects my bike choice.

RD said...

just riding there on cross bikes

RF said...

i'm not certain that answers the question

RD said...

just gravel rf. If you want to ride off road you more than welcome.

RF said...

so no laps at platte's trail system. hmm... you could do it on a cross bike. although i think for some it might be baptism by fire.

RD said...

i remember last time you told me the same thing (this spring I believe)
and that was interesting only if I had gears

RF said...

rafal what are you gonna ride? I'm thinking i'll be on a hardtail mtb. assuming i can get away. I'm moving saturday in midtown, near Munsons place. If y'all wanna help i'll have donuts and coffee. More help saturday, better my odds of riding sunday morning.

RD said...

I'm riding my San Jose..
and i will be at your house Saturday i emailed Roxy already

RF said...

Rafal is the man.

Mike Miles said...

I'm in. Probably just meet y'all in Springfield.

Chris G. said...

Is my dad's old 12-speed steel Bianchi Sport SS with 27x1.25" tires a cross bike or a road bike? Seems like it will be a good gravel bike. Most of my time is on a mountain bike, so I could use a little guidance. Thanks!

RD said...

That's an old touring bike. It would make pretty good cross bike depending on what you would like to do with it. Good resource about 27 inch restores would be sheldon brown erik who post here sometimes is also good resource he know a lot about 27 inch /650 bikes and touring bikes. You might want to read Scott's blog about steps and missteps about what he did with his 27 inch bike.
So I guess it's really up to you and direction you want to go with it.

MOD said...

I think I'm in.

Scott Redd said...

Hi Chris:

I took the 27 inch tires off my 1970s Schwinn 10 speed and put on 700C wheels. They are a little smaller, but there are some good, relatively inexpensive Tektro 556 brakes that could reach down to the new rims.

If you've got enough reach with the brakes, you could put 650B wheels. I've got a set if you're interested.

With 650B, you're going lower still and probably getting away from the typical high clearance that you get with cross bikes, if I understand the geometry right.

My cyclocross bike has 32mm tires, and, for me, that's a good width for street and gravel rides. 32 mm is about the same as 1.26 inches, so you might be good with those tires.

I'm excited to see so much interest in the Bacon Ride this weekend. The more, the merrier!

2sean9er said...

I could possably be in. We'll see how the rest of the week goes.

Steve said...

I've got to work Sunday morning, so no me.

Chris G. said...

Thanks for the info Rafal and Scott. I might have to roll with y'all on Sunday and see if I can hang. I'll keep my wife on speed-dial in case I blow up.

Scott Redd said...

Too bad, Steve. Maybe next time. I can only see these getting more fun as the air turns crisp and the leave change colors.

Come on down, Chris. It'll be fun. Don't worry about getting dropped. I get dropped on every hill and then catch up. :)

Chris and Effie said...

Great ride! Thanks to everyone for their patience. And thanks for the PowerAid, Scott!

Scott Redd said...

Wow, that was some gravel!

It was nice meeting you, Chris. That Bianchi will make a great gravel eater. Maybe put a lower geared cog set on the back, some modern brakes and levers with hoods you can really grab on to, and some

Rafal, Ryan, James, Mark, Chris and myself made the ride out to breakfast at Platte River State Park.

I'll be doing my obligatory review and photo slide show at my blog later.

Thanks eveyone.