Friday, August 28, 2009

Mr. Furley style

34lb. load made for an interesting ride home after a New Belgium Abbey and Trippel.


Scott Redd said...

Yay, utility cycling!

Is that a spent tube used as a tiedown strap?

I just got back from a nighttime ride to the neighborhood market with my daughter. Her bike has no rack yet, so I carried about 40 pounds of stuff in my grocery panniers, plus a box on the rack.

The Trek grocery panniers work really well, but lack the old world style of a front rack/basket.

Grocery shopping on a bike is just as much fun to me as other kinds of rides. It's way more fun that grocery shopping in a car.

Yay, utility cycling!

MOD said...

Tubes, the poor mans bungee!

Biker Bob said...

Hmm... now I have a use for that pile of tubes I tried to fix with glueless patches.

I should try to make a grocery run with my new Bike Packer Plus Ortlieb panniers.