Tuesday, November 3, 2009

gravel grinder saturday

The forecast calls for awesome weather this weekend if you want to get some miles in Saturday Morning on some Iowa gravel. Meet at scooter's location @old market at 8 am. Rollout 8: 30ish 50-60 miles you will need .50$ to get across the Bellevue toll bridge.. all are welcome.
p.s. here the route


Scott Redd said...

I like to be a regular on these gravel grinders, but unfortunately, I won't be able to make it Saturday.

Remember to take a photo or two, or else it didn't really happen. :)

v.r.pierce said...

I'd like to join and meet some new faces. Are the gravel sections doable on skinnies? I have cross tires but have been enjoying the challenge of staying smooth through gravel on road tires. Hope I can make it out.


RD said...

i know people did them on 25's but the 28 would be a bit more comfy