Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween - lets ride

Tomorrow is Halloween. Many of us will be getting our kids dressed and ready to make their candy collecting rounds tomorrow night. But before you get your kids ready to trick-or-treat, maybe you should get some time in on your bike. That way you can eat an extra peanut butter cup (or 10) without feeling too guilty about all those calories.

If you’re available from 10:30am till 3:00pm tomorrow, you can bring your bike here, and participate in the second annual Spooks On Spokes ride. The ride/race will take place throughout this general area.

Similar to an Alleycat race, this event incorporates all types of urban and suburban riding. Part of the adventure is the unknown. You won't know what you're in for until the race begins. Expect mildly difficult terrain, mileage and challenges. Terrain will be mixed, therefor road, mountain or comfort bikes will work. Expect the unexpected, but expect the event to last between 2 and 4 hours depending on your skills.

The event starts after each person is given a manifest. The manifest consists of a list of checkpoints they must find. There will be a 15-minute period to ask questions before the race begins. Each item on the manifest will be revealed after solving a puzzle or riddle. After studying the manifest all participants are released at 11-AM to begin the adventure. Event ends at 3:00-pm Sharp! Categories are: Teams of 2, Geared and Fixed/Single Speed bikes. Participants choosing to compete as a team must remain within 50-feet of one another at all times. Halloween costumes are encouraged, but not expected or required. Your choice.

Be sure to check out the official website for all the details.

Drop me an email at underdahill AT gmail DOT com if you want to meet up for coffee somewhere along the way. I plan to swing by Bike Masters on the way there, so that determines my route to the start area a bit.


RF said...

that was a good time. Thanks bob @ scott for pushing it and convincing me over the interwebs to get out there and do it. riding with another person is definitely the way to make it fun.

The D said...

RF, Bob, RD and others....THANKS for coming out. I'm glad you all had fun. There will be plenty more events like this in the future. If anyone else wants to organize something similar I'd be willing to help.