Monday, October 26, 2009

Upcoming Weekend Bike Events

This Saturday October 31st is the second annual Spooks on Spokes scavenger race. This event is a blend of scavenger hunt, alleycat and adventure race rolled up in one. I'm not charging an admission fee, but I'll accept donations from anyone willing (to cover event insurance of $90). Check out this LINK for more details. For those who run their own blogs, please spread the word about this event or copy the details to your blog if you wish.

Also, the following day, Sunday November 1st is Spookycross. A cycloross race on Living History Farms in Urbandale Iowa. There's no excuse not to be out on your bike this weekend.


RD said...

to add to this if anyone wants to ride out from midtown to this event please respond we will organize something for sure

Sean said...

I'll be leaving from midtown but I have to be out there a bit earlier than the rest of you folks.

RD said...

call me we will ride out together

The D said...

Great to hear you guys are coming. Just a heads up so you're prepared. I would bring food and water with you since you're probably going to have a longer day on the saddle than most. Also, the finish may not be in the same location as the start, therefor you may have a few additional miles at the end of the day. I just want you folks who are riding to the event to be prepared and no bonk. I will have some PowerBar products and limited amounts of water (5-gallons) for participants at the start and finish.

rg said...

If i can only make it for an hour or two, should I show, or just go ride elsewhere?

The D said...

First option: Show up and go as fast and hope to finish.

Second option: Show up but warn race director that you may not finish so we're not looking for you at the finish line.

Third option: Arrange your schedule so you have more time to compete.

Seriously though...if you want to just show up and have some fun, you're welcome to, but the best case scenario is you can complete the event.

Hope to see you there!