Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chrome and Coffee (Beer)

The ever so cool, ever so tank-like, and ever so functional Chrome Bags brought itself to Omaha with the large thanks going to the good guys at Bike Masters for setting it up. We met at the always good Blue Line, but I didn't have a lick of coffee. I think I drank a diminishing drip of it for about 4 hours earlier in the day, so I figured I should steer clear and find beer. The crowd was full of pedal power and I didn't see a crying eye in the bunch.

The 2010 product line was shown, questions were answered, and raffles were raffled.

This guy I know (me) was there and took a couple of pretty pointless pictures. But without hesitation, I post them for the good of the good. Yay!


The D said...

Great images as always Lucas.
Hope to see you at the next shindig. Perhaps the spooks on spokes adventure.

Single_Speeder said...

You my friend are a whore.

MOD said...

Who's a whore? D, Luc-ass or both?

I vote for both.

Single_Speeder said...

And Lucas.

The D said...

hey...what's wrong with a little shameless self promotion?
-insert advertisement here-

RD said...

D will be there for sure... just need to figure out how to ride my bike out there.