Sunday, October 11, 2009

Daughter orphaned after truck kills both Parents. No Charges Raised!

Tragic story from Texas.  God forbid any one try and mess with them.

"Texas’s governor recently vetoed a law that would mandate a safe passing distance for cyclists, saying it was unnecessary."

Check out the article on Urban Velo


The D said...

Notice how wide the shoulder was that the cyclists were riding on? I think the driver deserves Negligent Driving and Misdemeanor Motor Vehicle Homicide charges a minimum.

2sean9er said...

I read some comments on Urban Velo, where I came across the article and someone said that it is a four lane divided highway with ample shoulder. Just the fact the the driver "lost control of the vehicle" is very suspicious. Similar to the story that happened in omaha a few weeks ago. "Temporarly blinded by the sun".

I think that there is not an excuse no matter what. If you are driving any type of vehicle (including a bike) that you are responsible for maintaining control at all times.

munsoned said...

Yeah, some of the comments infuriated me. People saying that a mistake that resulted in a death does not need to be punished is mind boggling. Locally, the Lincoln guy who shot and killed his wife on accident is going to prison. I know the guy as he just got into mountain biking a couple years ago. He was an extremely nice guy and I truly believe what happened was an accident, but he has to answer for causing the accident. Same should go for motorists who run into road repair crews, run through red lights t-boning cars, or drift over and hit cyclists.

The D said...

Worthy of pasting a quote from the great NYC Bike Snob.. "The ugly truth is that people are grossly self-important, and that for many people your life is not worth the effort it takes to pay attention or the extra few seconds they may need to wait before they can safely get around you. It's at these moments you wish you could somehow choke them to death on their own self-importance. You also realize how tenuous and minimal our collective regard and compassion for one another really is. We're like tapioca pearls in a watery pudding of indifference that is barely sweet or cohesive enough to qualify as a dessert."