Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So this has been bouncing around in my head for about a month now. And I was inspired by MOD's century club posting as well as trying to get some more miles in for DK200. I would like to put out there an Idea that I have. 130+ miles in one day between two cities. Object is to get to yia yia's and have some sweet pizza and bread and comeback.
The tenative date for the even would be April 24th info
  • Wohlners 8 am start.
  • Follow bacon route and gravel along mopac
  • Rain date well if it rains then this might have to be put off fore later during the summer
  • This will be long day affair
  • All welcome*
* All are welcomed yes but you are responsible for yourself. Golden rule is in effect if someone needs help help him out.


EB said...

I personally would like to see this happen in May, so I could be in attendance.

MG said...

yeah, that's the day of TransIowa, but hey, it sounds like a fun plan!

RD said...

yeah i know but to be realistic that's really the only weekend to do it with psychopath races, bacon rides and dk 200 not to mentioned any slack for rain days

Sean said...

I'm in for it.