Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to School Blues

Ah, school has begun. And yet again I find myself at a struggle to change the pace of life, from riding everyday with a sort of reckless abandon to sitting in classes and observing the new crop of freshman text freely and talk of things that typically annoy a guy like me. Here I am at the ripe age of 24, still in this game called college.
I have 2 teachers that are my age or younger who really enjoy talking about their academic accomplishments and what their freaking thesis topic is, They just really really love talking about themselves. How they are proficient in this or that, have gotten shit published in numerous prestigious magazines or newspapers. Oh but what really takes the cake is when they get personal and speak of their engagement, and go on and on about their wedding plans as if I freaking cared. Hearing all of that garbage made me want to get the hell out of class, and start pouring gasoline all over the cars in the parking lot.I just sat and dreamt of seeing them all burn as I pedaled off into the sunset.

Other than daydreaming of burning cars and stabbing gaudy teachers with their own high-heels, life has been great!

Can't wait for the five-o this weekend!
Is their anything better than a weekend away from it all, (yes actually there is)
a weekend away from it all with bicycles.


munsoned said...

So whatcha studyin besides the wimmins and the melting point automobiles? Underwater basket weaving? The plight of Ralph "Where's" Waldo Emerson? Computer programming with an emphasis in Java, Perl, and Database Management Systems?

EB said...

Journalism emphasis print/media

munsoned said...

Schweet. Bryan would probably have some good advice for ya. But my guess is you two have already talked about that subject.

Well, enjoy the scenery of college life and hit the books hard...over the heads of said narcissistic teachers.

bryan said...

Advice? Let me figure it out first, then I'll hand out advice.

Biker Bob said...

hehe... I know what you are talking about.

Now let me tell you about my professional accomplishments, but I'm not selling you where my car is, and I'm going to wear moccasins. ;-)