Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hits and Misses

Tonight in the midst of another night of delivery,In which the weather was epic and the legs were ready and willing. My night unfortunately ended early when a woman decided to hit me with her automobile. I had just begun the climb back to JJ's on 38th and Dodge when she slammed into my back wheel, causing me to spill sideways near the curb. After assesing myself and seeing that I was alright, I quickly looked the bike over and found that she didn't quite make it.
My Sugino 75 track crank was missing a crankarm along with it's counterpart xtr pedal. It completley ripped off, I was livid! The back wheel has a nice wibble-wobble to it now and some flimsy spokes as well. The woman did stop, as well as a few kind others who witnessed the accident. She was very apolegetic,and claimed she didn't see me.
When the police officer arrived and saw the damage to the bike he told the woman," Oh it's not too bad, less than a hundred bucks" I quickly remind them both that this is no ordinary bicycle, and it's gonna cost her well over $500 dollars to replace the parts.
Walking back to the shop with the steamroller over the shoulder, I thought of all the great rides we've shared together and the pain we had endured. My head hung low realizing that we would be apart for the first time since our relationship began in early January.It's a tough pill to swallow, But I'm alive and well looking forward to getting back on the bike tomorrow.


brady said...

Sorry to hear about the bike and C-Note insult. Glad you're OK.

Liz said...

I'm glad you are intact! My best to the steamroller. Hopefully she'll be up and running before you know it!

MG said...

Man, sorry to hear about your bike, my brother. Got your message the other day. I rolled over to Iowa to race my bike, but I've got you on my call back list for tonight.

Glad you didn't sustain any body damage in your little altercation... It could have been worse. Gotta' be thankful for that.

bryan said...

ouch. get better soon -- both you and bike.