Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Potential Sidekick

Ahh, Delivery last weekend was as always a killer time. One of these days I'll take my camera along and do a little snappy snappy. Speaking of snappy,these look pretty sweet,ear flaps are good!

Saturday night the weather obeyed, and hovered above freezing for the duration of my shift. I delivered to a guy south of Leavenworth, who had this lil' pup beagle named Cooper. Upon leaving Cooper began to follow me, ignoring his owners calls and stalking me at a distance. I turned on my little friends that flash, as Cooper stood on the top of the stairs just gazing at my bike and I in the cold dark night. It was at this point that I thought of placing Cooper in the Chrome bag and taking him for a little joy ride. Instead I rode up to him picked him up with a nice clean scoop and pedaled him back to his owner.I still think how great it would have been to just have a pup with his head hanging out barking at autos while I roamed the streets.

Is anyone in the Omaha metro area planning to do Jingle Cross?
I could use a lift-


brady said...

My dog Emmylou (a 65 lb Sharpei-lab mix) would love to be your sidekick. Just think how much stronger rider you'd become. I know, tempting.

Under 25°F, what do you wear on your extremities (hands and feet)? Also, do you have any special eye wear?

EB said...

Hands-I've got a few pairs that I mix-n-match. Pearl has a cyclone glove that works well and has been my glove of choice lately.

Lobster style gloves are nice for frigid days. If it's under 10 degrees.And sometimes a windproof shell glove over the top

Toes- I got some Answer Kashmir riding boots which do the trick pretty well at around 100$ I got one size larger than normal to have a double layer of socks.

Eyes- I have some Smith V-TI clear lense glasses that usually do the trick if colder than 10 degrees I'll use ski goggles

Biker Bob said...

I bet your sidekick would enjoy all those JJ snacks as he rides around town in style.