Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Times they are a Changin

After an early rise I had high hopes of hitting the books, Instead I placed stickers on bottles for 45 min,
did laundry,wrote a few checks, ate some steel-cut oats, drank a pint of coffee, stopped by the Bicycle Co-OP, ran out of coffee cycled for more, cycled round town while getting bullied by the wind until I decided to wear this bad boy.
Then about 4 p.m. I realize huh, I've gotta deliver in an hour, I'll just get that school stuff done tomorrow. Yep that's a typical weekend round here, procrastination station.

Delivery as always was pretty great, Temps hovering right below freezing at the dawn of my shift. I wore some knickers with these underneath,

Yep thats right wool, made by the boys and girls at Defeet. Everyone talks about it, lucky folk ride bikes in it,I prance round the house in nothing but them. Anyway for a brief review, buy them, they are quite a bit warmer than any pearl knee warmer out there, plus they make you think you're dressing drag.

There were many favorite moments from the evening, folks glancing from their autos wondering what a maniac would be doing outside when its so cold. Ha I thought it was nice, really nice. I can't wait for the looks when the single digits appear.

A car full of girls yelled in my direction at a stoplight, "What are you doing on a bike" I reply, " I'm working" then turned the cranks forward.
Another delivery had me rushing off to the 49'er with 12 sandies strapped to my back using this old friend. I blew past a few autos on the initial turn from the shop at 40th and Dodge heading west, then continued to push when I looked to my left and found two females, yelling out their windows in scantily clad jagermeister gear. They continued to drive right beside me until I had enough of them. I blew them a kiss goodbye and charged up the hill to 49th St. When I hopped off the bike the girls pull up and get out shortly after, I realized they too were going to the niner, so like a nice gentleman that I am, I held the door open for them. I think they appreciated it.

Round 2 tonight.

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brady said...

"I do think it's noteworthy that so many competitive male cyclists will seize upon even the slightest opportunity to wear women's clothing" -BSNYC 11/07/08

Apparently, wool tights that make you think you're dressing drag are quite effective on scantily clad women in jagermeister gear.