Friday, November 7, 2008

A Pleasant Surprise

Typically I'll have class on Thursday evenings until 9 p.m.But yesterday had a different song and dance.Chris Burbach from the OWH came to speak with our class, What he spoke of was great but i was more stoked by the fact he came to the class with a blue giro helmet in tow complete with panniers and a soft-shell jacket. Damn it's good to see people getting out on bikes for transportation's sake. Job well done Mr. Burbach.
Anyhow, due to the guest speaker class was let out at 7p.m.( which got me feeling all hunky dory) And thanks to that early exit I was able to start the Kubrick series at Film Streams with 2001: A Space Odyssey.

That flik is outstanding on the big screen though, it really takes you to this complete different world that by its end you almost feel as if you had dreamt the entire time.

On another note, I'm liking the fact that cold weather is finally upon us. Coffee tastes better, school seems to pass with ease, and yeah its swell being on a bike. Yes, Yes, soon it will be the time for lobster gloves, ninja garb, and face freezing for miles and miles. These are exciting times my friends.


munsoned said...

I have yet to see 2001 from beginning to end. I should do that some day.

I agree about the cool weather riding thing. When my hair was short, I didn't care about weather. But now that it's long, colder temps mean I don't sweat after 10 minutes of riding.

ThomasJ said...

My big brother Christopher, that perpetually skinny guy. He used to run marathons. Glad to hear he is doing something useful (besides showing up his little brother). I agree 100% about the bike. While my weekdays are, alas, too full to get within shouting distance of my Trek, I need to get my carcass out on the weekends.

Much Peace,