Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Well, Well where did the adventure leave us? Ah I remember now, 10 minutes until the start of Cyclocross Nationals (which by dumb luck was the first and only CX race of 08)and I'm still getting dressed and warmed up.

I sprint to the porta-pottie while Lucas rode the Breed back to the car in hopes of finding some pins to attach those pesky race numbers. You're all probably wondering, "Why didn't the man with the USA cycling windbreaker just give them to you like everyone else?" Well they apparently ran out and I was out of luck.

Lucas and I met back near the start line, I touched my toes while he attached the numbers to my back with the pins he dug up in his Malibu.
Then the Big Whigs through the speakers asked for all those singlespeeders to come on down- IT WAS TIME.

Everyone was already lined up as if they had been camping there the night before for prime start position. Knowing nothing of CX etiquette I place myself smack dab in the middle of the front row.Moments later they explain start position is by race bib number and I was in the wrong place.

I lined up next to the eventual winner, James LaLonde. The youngest of three brothers who could quite possibly be the best one-speeders around.You can see him in the photo below, with little old me primping myself before the 45min of speed and deep breaths begins.

The race begins and I start out fairly conservative in around 15th position. We started on a paved road, then dipped into the dirt. Upon entering I decided to drop the hammer and try to pass some folks up, (Because that's why you race,to win, and to have Fun) Anyway, I really started to crank it on my freshly changed 44:21 gear.

The legs responded with the pedals turning, and I gotta admit I felt pretty darn good and things were all Hunky Dory.But FYI I made a late swap from my 16 tooth surly cog with this 21 tooth cog.It being some aluminum jobber off a crap road cluster that some rent-a-mechanic from BikeSource in KC gave me. It had me worried when they threw it on, but test rides prior to the race led me to believe it would do its job.

I was dead wrong. After an attempted surge the chain popped off. I leaned over threw it on, and tried to push once again. Chain wasn't having it. I continued to ride and just tried to deal with it. There was really no way to pedal the thing so I just picked it up and decided to run with it. At the end of my second lap, The entire field had passed so my race was complete.

One of these days issues like these won't come up.I unfortunately have had my fair share of problems with bikes and registration this year,But 2009 is on the horizon.Making it no better time to look back and see how things went wrong and how they won't bother me in 09.

I'm already locked in for Trans Iowa v5, and Dirty Kanza. Sprinkle in some road races and perhaps the 24 hr series and the plate is pretty full.
My time will come though, gotta stay positive and just chuckle about the past.

Iv'e already ordered my very own chain whip and set of Surly cogs.
After all its tough maintaining seven bikes.
Photos taken from here and here


justin said...

yea, it must be hard maintaining 7 stellar bikes. you ass.

Andrew Chasteen Photography said...

Dude, I was there and I know what happened. But you know how when you watch a movie that you've seen before and you know how it ends, but you still have hope that it will turn out differently? That is what I felt when I read this post. You disappointed me with the true ending. Make something up, just for me.
Better luck next time.
Btw, you have too many bikes...Give me one