Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Switch

Well thats it 2008, we had a pretty decent time together.We started strong with hopes of granduer and ideas a plenty.
We cruised through the spring banishing books for baked goods and pedal power.

I remember an awakening occured while on the 29er Trifecta ride in March. Something about getting a group of guys and gals together and riding the streets that I deliver on and know, oh so well. The route was a thing of beauty orchestrated by Mr. Savery, linking Omaha's historic neighborhoods and boulevards.That ride started many things for me, one being a strong desire to be a part of Omaha's community of riders. I no longer wanted to be the recluse I once was, pushing big gears and riding like a skeleton in the night.

I learned of strength in numbers and the joy you can recieve from new friends and beers at the end of it all. Summer came and friendships were lost and found. It wasn't always Hunky Dory,but I kept my head up through some tough times and came out alright.I really wanted results in 2008, but those don't just fall into your lap. It requires alot. And in all honesty it was my first taste of the race scene.

See, Its been my dream to race since I received my first bike, a Kona Blast. I rode dirt trying to hang with local legends like Ben Cleveland and James Hermsen. These guys were my Supermen.They shaped the rider and individual that I am today.
Soon later the Spoke-Daddy and I found an old Cannondale
with downtube shifting and Shimano 600 groupo.This aluminum wonder was found at a South Omaha rummage sale and was my first commuter bike,and first taste of singlespeed riding.

Here and there I would show my little 19-year-old face at Wednesday Kaos rides. I recall thinking I was the Shit, and tried to race everyone up hills on my single as they warmed up for a 50 mile ride. Yeah I was that guy keeled over in the sub-division dressed in black twenty minutes later.

I would pedal hard but with just little ol me. And I started getting this ego and belief that I could win any race, only because I commuted on a really stupid gear ratio (53:16) which made me pedal like an angry pirate and have terrible form to boot. Anyway I thought I was so radically different because I did this, and then to make matters worse my ego was notched a bit higher after picking up a delivery gig.

So I guess the point of this bedtime story is this- I've enjoyed the people I have met as the result of choosing community versus seclusion. And am looking forward to road rides that leave me breathless on Wednesday evenings chasing some of the best on the rollers of the Omaha Trace, Crazy Gravel Adventures with the Lincoln Crew, and Luke and I killing each other anytime we happen to ride side by side.

Here's to 2009


tobeistobex said...

you don't really know me. a recluse also. I have bought you a shot or two on a cold night delivery (o'leavers) . It was good to see you in the zone at the dakota five-0 and the 3 hour at tranquility. Good job!
I am trying to build myself back up, so I may just read for now. If i get back in shape I will say hi! Otherwise, PEDAL!!!!

EB said...

Thanks for the kind words


You can do it man!