Monday, December 29, 2008

Triple Threat

Today's lunchtime delivery from 11 to 2 will make it three straight. Some folks make three pointers,some score hat-tricks and some have triplets. I deliver.

Sometimes it's just for the hilarity of responses I get from those hungry folk. Sometimes its for wanting to stalk around at night like a cat burglar when your lights run out of juice.Sometimes it's to clear your head when tough times linger. Sometimes its to eat endless amounts of Jimmy cookies.

But really, nothing beats getting out on the bike.


Scott Redd said...

Agreed... it's nice to get out and ride, no matter the weather. Especially when you have a purpose, like going to work, or doing your work.

What's your delivery range and how does it compare to that of automobile delivery? Does JJs pay you any more/less to deliver by bike? What's your working mileage like on a normal day?

I'm having downtown JJs today (Conversation usually goes like this: "#6, please, no cheese, no mayo, add sauce, add oregano, with chips and large drink, to go. Oh, it's done already, Thank you very much.") I can hardly wait. Mmm.

Biker Bob said...

Amen brother... I haven't been on the bike in almost 3 weeks. I could use a good ride (or 10) to flush some of the post Christmas stress out of my system. But, alas, I'll be in Portland, OR for the next 5 days (without a bike) visiting family.

Too bad too, because the weather today is spendid...grrr!

I miss my Surly! :-(

FYI... start planning now for the spring Wabash "Crank and Camp" event. Camping gear transportation may be provided.

EB said...
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EB said...

Scott- our range is 60th to 29th from Hamilton to Center
I get paid 8 hourly plus tips which averages around
15 - 20 $ per hour.
Mileage, Probably Avg. around 25 -40
Busy nights 40-60

We used to be open until 2 am, Which was ridiculous and gobs of fun!
I remember some nights i'd hit the century mark working from 4 to 2.

By the way- good to see another commuter out hitting the streets, keep it up man!

Bob- Enjoy Portland, and nice Colnago, thats one swell ride-

Scott Redd said...

Darn... I'm a little more than a mile too far south to get a sandwich delivered.

Getting paid to ride your bike. It doesn't get any better than than!

Thanks for the commuting encouragement. I'm still having a lot of fun, and I can't imagine driving to work if I don't have to.

Andrew Chasteen Photography said...

Eb, nice. That is good mileage bro. Sounds like a good time for sure.
Btw, I'm diggin my new Felt. You might have to come down and ride it soon so it can know what true speed is like!

EB said...

OKC Thunder Jan 16 Pistons