Sunday, September 27, 2009

dinner and the movie

If you are going to The waiting for the "Sunday in Hell" and you riding you bike. I have last minute idea. Meet at wohlenr's around 5:15 rollout to the hommy innn around 5:30 get some food and drinks at the hommy inn and head out to TWR.... See you there bring lights for the way back home. if you have question call me five ten nine nine nine 6. You can meet us at the hommy anytime... before we roll out around 7:00 pm... toodles


Scott Redd said...

I couldn't swing the movie with other stuff I had going on Sunday.

Sounds like a good time, especially with the ride.

dale said...

Good time inside the beltway! First time to homey's - good food except they don't have any.

First time inside The Waiting Room. Liked the movie - subtitles in a few places would have been nice for the monolingual people.

I think radios and less interference by motorcycles is good for a bike race. The race looked much more chaotic in 76 than what we see today.

Nice ride home though I considered walking two hills - Ames St west of 90th and Fort St west of 120th. Put my feet up the wall when I got home and had a touch of bed spins.