Saturday, September 12, 2009

Omaha Kicks Ass!

Why? Well let me tell you. While riding home through Aksarben Village tonight I stopped at a red light, then rolled through when it was clear. Unbeknownst to me one of Omaha's finest was behind me and didn't even bat an eye about me rolling through a stop light. I thought I was busted for sure. Try doing that in Sarpy County.

Then I saw a guy bust out a full on hardcore right hand turn signal for him and his wife. Pretty sweet.


RD said...

I'm strong believer of stop signs being yield signs and stop lights being stop signs....
only inside the beltway MOD only inside the beltway

Scott Redd said...

Maybe the officer was full up on his quota for beating on hippies, and let you slide this time. Peace, brother.

This morning Leavenworth was blocked between 20th and 19th due to some kind of emergency. As I was approaching, an officer was getting out of his skewed cruiser to direct some traffic.

Right in front of him, I turned left on 20th and rode the wrong way down a one-way to get to Jackson. I never ride wrong-way, by the way, but felt it was necessary in this circumstance (and lack of other traffic that would have made it dangerous).