Monday, July 28, 2008

Beat the Heat

Lately I have been hitting the road when the morning temps are cool and crisp for long miles with gears.But boy oh boy do I miss the conditions like I saw in the pic above. It was quite odd at first, looking beneath me and seeing a cluster of fun between my legs.I have just been pretty determined for the first time in my life to truly train for road racing. So yeah, intervals, intervals, and ah yes intervals. I've been killing myself on Belvedere Blvd. nearly every morning in hopes that I can hang with the road race big boyz.Some days I welcome the pain others it defeats me as I crumble and feel as if the legs were made of silly putty.

In other news, Delivering offered a mixed back of tricks over the weekend. Saturday night Emmerick and I pretty much owned the streets from 4 to 10 pm. Sling shooting ourselves to and fro while making the masses happy with their large Mr. Pibbs with extra ice and sandies with mayo pasted on so thick it seeped through the wrapping.
My top memory of the night was definitely delivering to an apartment complex where the man had me meet him on the roof of the building. Yep just another day at the office.

At the end of the night I pedaled over to O'Leavers to check out the Community Bicycle Shop Benefit concert. It was a whale of a good time, catching up with Nate and Hoss from Lincoln as well as listening to the sounds of the Ideal Cleaners. I am not sure of how much money the shop made, but it certainly looked like there was quite a number of folks there.

This week in order to keep sane:
I'll continue my morning death rides and
probably mix in some evening ones as well.
Visit Blue Line Frequently
Listen to Beck's Modern Guilt
And perhaps a flik or two


Jenn said...

speaking of fliks ... i know i made a late-promise to go to the movies today. i think it was just drunktalk.

jando_27 said...

hi, i stumbled across your blog and just wanted to say that I like the way you write!