Monday, July 13, 2009

Boozing and Bad Behavior Bring Trouble for The Taco Ride

Council Bluffs, IA- Every Thursday night, you'll find hundreds of cyclists riding the 10 mile trek from Council Bluffs to the Mineola Steakhouse on the Wabash Trace Trail. But last week, more than 2,000 riders showed up. Many complaints about drunk riders and others using drugs on the trail came into the Pottawattamie County Sheriff's Department. Sgt. Duane Richie says,"There were numerous requests that we be here."

Deputies showed up on the trail on bikes, ATV's and a brand new RTV to enforce the law of open containers. A half mile in, they found a couple of cyclists sipping on a brew. Because many of the riders are unaware of the law, they gave out warnings and asked riders to dump out the beer.

Regulars on the ride say last week's drunken party with thousands of people was not the norm and deputies agree. One rider says, "With that many people and many of them inebriated, there is potential for an accident. But I am not going to let some inexperienced riders spoil my fun."

Deputies say leave the beer at home.

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After being at the taco ride the last few weeks, there needs to be some Ride Right Education on proper bicycle behavior and etiquette…Rule #1 is to never stop in the middle of the path.

Please add your rules in the comments section…


2sean9er said...

Always have front and rear facing lights and/or reflectors.

2sean9er said...

Warn other riders when you are going to pass.

bryan said...

this is more of a personal rule:

avoid large groups of drunk people who don't know how to ride their bikes.

Scott Redd said...

It's not quite the same vibe, but Tim B. says there are some folks who do a Wednesday night ride. Not sure if there are tacos at the other end on Wednesday, but he said the trail was clear and the ride was relaxing.

One rule I would add is that you should expect to be passed at any moment, so stay as much to the right as you can, even if you're doing a lot of passing yourself.

RD said...

Wear a helmet and bring a light