Thursday, July 16, 2009

Coffee tomorrow morning anyone?

I'm going to head over to Crane Coffee at 78th and Cass tomorrow morning around 7:30am. I need to pick up some Bike Omaha Commuter Challenge buttons for my team and Activate Omaha will be there. See

Nothing formal. Just show up and drink some brew (of the coffee kind) before heading to work or wherever.


Scott Redd said...

I'll be there. I don't really like coffee, but an iced tea and a bagel might hit the spot.

2sean9er said...

I wold be there but I have to be at work by 9 and my commute takes about an hour.

Scott Redd said...

That was fun meeting Julie, Christine, and Bob. After riding a ways with Bob on his way to work, I met my wife at Stinson Park. From there we explored the so-called "Connector Trail" through Elmwood Park, then Happy Hollow Boulevard Trail, then rode Hamilton, 40th, and Burt into downtown (part of the future Bike Omaha 20 mile loop) and then back home.

It was a wonderful day out for a ride.