Thursday, September 3, 2009

put your mouth where your rack is

Hy-vee doesn't mess around nice new rack. Good job hy-vee. Sorry for crappy pic quality


Scott Redd said...

Not so fast. While I hate to seem ungrateful and unappreciative, this rack isn't that great beyond its curb appeal. While it's awesome that Hy-Vee responded so quickly in installing the rack and in replying to customer comments, I'm afraid this rack is of poor quality and hastily installed.

Picture here.

First, it's held to the ground with cinder blocks on the frame bolts. It does appear bolted to the cement, but I'm not sure what the blocks are there for. Also, the rack looks like it's made of two smaller racks somehow secured in the middle (by the manufacturer). Between the thin material of the tubing and the loose attachment to the cement, you can really flex this rack if you grab it in the middle and move it back and forth. I wouldn't be surprised if you could flex it beyond breaking, or induce the bolts to come loose.

The old rack (the one holding the smoker and grill) is much more secure.

Perhaps Hy-Vee could lock their smoker and grill to the new rack and let cycling employees and customers use the better, old rack.

I do sincerely appreciate the response, but I'm afraid I won't be using this new rack.

Biker Bob said...

It's possible that the blocks were just used while the adhesive was curing under the mounts.

If a thief would take the time to destroy the rack to get my bike, the my lock isn't going to stop them either.

Oh well, it's better than nothing, and they did respond quickly. So KUDOS for that.

Steve said...

If it's not secure it's worthless. Good intentions, though, I suppose.

erik said...

even if they took the time to remove the cinder blocks, there's no way to slip a u-lock over the baseplate. i mean, I'm sure bolts would be more secure but in omaha (and pretty much anywhere) I doubt you have to worry about somebody going through the trouble of loading rack+bike into a pickup truck during the hour interval it takes to go shopping.

those are the best racks around for u-lock usage, anyway (you don't have a bunch of people flocked to the edges to get through the rear triangle properly).