Friday, May 22, 2009

B-52s should only be enjoyed on a road trip.

After skipping usual weekly rides, I was convinced to do the TNTR upon leaving work late Thursday evening...

8:33 Leave Work

9:14 Leave Paper Street with EB pedaling East for Taco Ride.

10:03 Arrive at Wabash Trail Head

Put the hammer down following the 200 foot silhouette made by EB's lamp behind me.

... Pass hundreds of reflectors and head lamps headed back towards trail head.

10:33 Arrive in Mineola

Get beer, drink beer, find lame people, buy beer, ride back to Half-Way point

Find fire and friends

Hammer back via S.Omaha bridge

1:13 Tear bell from handle bar that quit working with one night of use. Probably scratch EB's Steam Roller in process with bell ricochet.

Launch off triple steps in front of business establishment on SS road bike.

1:23 Arrive at Donut Stop and have the best donut session ever. 7 pastries downed for me. Find out it's EB's birthday -- What a DB.

2:34 Leave Donut Stop enlightened, dusty and tired.

2:43 Cruise through the Zero Depth entry to the fountain on Creighton's Plaza strip.

2: Very Late. Sprint up hill and kick out, ghost riding bike into neighbor's bushes -- found curb in the mean time. Probably screwed up wheel pretty bad.

50 plus miles of pure pedaling goodness.


RD said...

we were wondering if that was you? two people hammering to mineola. Perfect night for riding though

munsoned said...

Man, late night shenannigans. I had no idea there was a donut shop open at 1 in the morning. Nice!

Oh, merry b-day Eric. (if you're reading this)

EB said...

Great way to kick off my 25th year of life.

-Thanks Mr. Marshall-

Biker Bob said...

Sounds like good times.

If anyone is looking for a rediculous amount of time in the saddle tomorrow, drop me an email at underdahill(an at symbol)gmail(a dot)com

Munson is going to acompany me from the keystone to Blue Line down by the pedestrian bridge at 7:00, then head for the wabash trailhead by 8:00. Then I'm meeting up with a friend to head down to the MO border (Blanchard) via the wabash.

Myself and my wabash ride partner are getting a lift back from whatever town we poop out at on the way back (only room for 2 in the return vehicle). So if you want to ride part way with us, we would love to have you along. The pace will be very comfortable. It's not a race, just an adventure.

Scott Redd said...

Happy Birthday, EB. Remember, life gets even more interesting once you hit 30. 25's fun, too.

I still owe you a beer. Don't forget.

ms.elle said...

What a fun biking adventure...thanks for sharing! Its encouraging. We had some urban-night-cycling-in-rain adventures last night in Lincoln...d'Leon's mexican, though no donuts.