Friday, May 8, 2009

Redd spotted in the wild

I ran into Scott Redd on the Keystone this Tuesday. He was racing from one bus stop to another for some createve multi-mode commuting.

I must say he dresses much better than the rest of us slobs. Rather GQ I must say.

Hope to see many of you next Monday at the Mayor's Ride or at Rafal's for breakfast.


Scott Redd said...

What's a coincidence. I ran into Biker Bob at the same place.

I feel foolish for not snapping a photo of Bob at the same time. He was a duded up in Chrome knickers and a svelte looking gray woolie. A photo of him leaning back on his newly rebuilt Surley LHT would have been classic.

This bike, by the way, looked like it just came off the showroom floor. There was not a speck of dirt or grease to be seen anywhere.

Standing next to my minimally restored 1976 Schwinn, it made my bike look, literally, like it had been pulled out of a dumpster.

See you all Monday!

erik said...