Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bicyclist injured as he fails to yield to oncoming car

Be careful when riding out there, folks...

A 27-year-old bicyclist was injured Tuesday in Omaha when a vehicle struck him.

Quireese Hudson was taken to the Nebraska Medical Center shortly after 5:30 p.m. with a possible concussion. He was cited on suspicion of failing to yield to a Chrysler Sebring that struck him at 24th and Ohio Streets. Investigators determined that he violated a stop sign as he crossed 24th Street, according to Omaha police Sgt. Doug Klein.

Hudson’s injuries were not believed to be life-threatening.

The vehicle driver was not injured, Klein said, and alcohol and speed were not factors in the crash.

-- Katie Fretland


RD said...

so funny story,
this morning a lady in toyota suv speed by me just to get ahead of me and then slams her brakes to make left hand turn classic...I have her the what the hell are you doing motion with both of my hands .... why is everyone in such a big hurry to get places

erik said...

i was screamed at twice to get out of the way in a 5 minute period today.

funny how the omaha police consistently fault the cyclist in every accident.

funny how everyone in cars assume we have no right to the road.

fuck em

The Lucas said...

Get it straight guys. We have no right to be on the road. ;)

RD said...

you might be on to something... this morning at 4-way stop sign i used the right of way to let person through then started to bike. The lady behind was just going to go behind him... I stopped in the middle of the street and said "that's stop sign allright" and pedaled off to work...
btw it is suppose to be this humid in may?