Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Omaha Bikes to Works

The day was a good one. Coffee was drank, pasteries were devoured, and cranks were spun. Tip of the hat to all that put it on.

I've shot weddings with longer kisses than the ride took. It was like shooting a drag race-- one with spandex and a police escort? I didn't even have time to shoot faces of any of you individual clowns. I am pretty sure we need to make it an all day event. You took a half day off this year Scott, let's make it a full day next year!

In any case it was fun and I know we will all look forward to it again next year. Next year I will arrive earlier for breakfast so I can eat more of Redd's vegan sausages and drink more coffee.
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RD said...

when is the moober ride.... There might be south omaha tour some Saturday stayed tuned

The Lucas said...

I have the 12 hr @ Branched Oak if I can find some money and get more lights.

RD said...

call me for lights... i'm not riding this weekend

Scott Redd said...

Awesome pics, The Lucas. If you borrow RD's lights, be careful to stay out of the beam. Radiation burns can be painful.

erik said...

i saw my second car-bike accident of the year today, right on saddle creek.

idiot on a cell phone turned left into a fellow who was going straight through the intersection.

for so few bicyclists in our overwhelmingly car-centric city, we sure have our share of incidents.

it honestly feels like a matter of time before someone is killed due to such a shitty environment. be careful, but as this guy found out that's not entirely enough.

Steve said...

One thing we need is some kind of public service campaign to educate folks that cyclists are out on the road and that people need to look out for us. How do we get that kind of information into the Nebraska Drivers' Manual or included in drivers' education classes? Can we get radio or television commercials?

ms.elle said...

Splendid idea.

Aaron said...

hey everyone, my names Aaron French and I'm working this summer with the Summer of Solutions Omaha, a group of engaged high school and colleged aged students who are working to create local solutions to climate change both in the Gifford Park Neighborhood and Omaha in general. we're trying to work with the community bike shop in GP on this, and I'm helping to facilitate the cycling advocacy/sustainable transportation aspect of our summer program. If you have ideas or would like to get involved- please hit us up: omahasummerofsolutions@gmail.com

power to the pedal!