Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Last minute ride?

So I've seen the weather forecast but just out of curiosity does anyone want to go ride at Tranquility?  I'll be free after about 4pm.  Post a reply if your are interested.


T-bone said...

I'm heading to Manawa at 7pm for a snow ride if you want to meet up.

Sean said...

Dude, I went to tranquility with my girl friend and holly crap it was ridiculous. I had snow up to my hub on a 29er and pedaling in granny gear to get around.

Just passing along the info, but I probably won't go. But thanks for the invite.

RD said...

that's why you go to manawa... I'll be there saturday with a flask for sure

Sean said...

What's so special about manawa?

The Douglas said...

Sean: Email or call me next time. Had I known you were heading out there I might have joined you.

Sean said...

Will do.

dale said...

A couple reasons for manawa:
- flat. snow makes it feel like you're climbing a hill all the time. Torque to overcome snow + incline add up quickly to break rear tire traction.
- little quarterpipe and halfpipe tread. Can't see edges of tread when more than 2 or 3 inches fall. Like putting tire next to a curb and turning into it.
- protected from wind. snow is uniform depth, not to many drifts.
- best snow singletrack gets the most traffic which packs tread and makes it the easiest to ride.

Tranquility Monday night was about as good as it gets with 2" of powder. As the heavier snow settles and compacts over days, you break through top crust and loose momentum. Unless tread gets packed down by walkers/runners, tp is unrideable till most of the snow is gone.

I prefer cement trails for snow. Less concentration on staying upright and more relaxing. 1-2" of unmarked powder is so quiet, smooth. 3" is about max for me with one speed. Keeping the body temp regulated through effort is key for me to maximize my ride time before stopping to warm up extremities. Too much effort and my clothes get soaked and I get cold.

Also enjoy riding after they plow cement trails. Usually still has thin snow base for studed tires. Can ride to them from house. Comraderie with others out being active in the snow. I also like the slower speeds for snow rides - like the old saying, take time to smell the roses.

Sean said...

Fair enough.